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Stanozolol (Winstrol) is a drug available in injectable and tablet form.The substance
in injectable form dissolves in water rather than oil. Therefore, it needs to be used for a shorter period than other steroids. Because it dissolves in water, it needs to be taken more frequently, almost every day. If you buy it from clandestine labs, we are never sure about the sterility of the product and whether it is contaminated with bacteria because water is a greater medium for bacteria than oil, and winstrol is only in a water suspension. Thus, the tablet version is the best option and in addition, the oral version is also considered by many to be more effective.

Despite the fact that it has strong anabolic effects, the gains you get from winstrol are not insignificant. However, you get hard, lean muscles of excellent quality. There is also an amazing increase in strength.

Good results can be achieved when taking 50 mg a day. It is good before competitions. Together with a low calorie diet (it is rich in protein) it gives you quality muscles. It is usually not used alone during dieting. It can be combined with many other steroids.

Water retention and loss of muscle mass are rare and can only be noticed after discontinuing use. Athletes who are concerned about building mass and strength often use WINSTROL with Methanabol, Anadrol 50, Testosterone, Decadurabolin, and Trebolone.

Both oral and intramuscular forms are c17-alpha-alkyl agents, meaning they are toxic to the liver, especially the oral form in high doses. One of the undesirable effects of winstrol is its “drying” effect on the joints – for this reason many people combine it with deca durabolin, with which it complements itself perfectly, giving good weight gains of excellent quality.As for women, a side effect of winstrol is that it can unfortunately very quickly cause problems with the voice, nobody knows why

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