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Beginners and experienced athletes appreciated the effect of the drug and began to use it everywhere, regardless of the sport. The steroid acts within 8 hours. The detection time in the body is about 1 year. For this reason, professional athletes should not use this type of steroid before major competitions. There is a possibility of application with the use of masking agents. But this does not give a 100% guarantee. Many female athletes use the steroid in their sporting achievements. It does not have a detrimental effect on the female body.

Positive qualities of the steroid.

  • Giving muscles elasticity and relief.
  • Increase in strength performance.
  • Removal of fat deposits.
  • Saturation of the body with energy.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Drying after taking strong steroids.
  • Aromatisation is absent.
  • Stable mood.
  • Increases the desire for training.

This type of steroid is most often used for drying out before major competitions. Also, many athletics athletes prefer this particular drug because of its effect on speed.

Application and recommendations.

Before use, it is worth weighing everything well. Choose the right dosage and the right agents to eliminate problems with doping control. Consult your coach, or better yet, a sports doctor. Many athletes combine the drug with other steroidal agents such as Methane or Trenbolone.

For Beginners and amateurs, the minimum dosage is 10 mg per day. Within a week, the dose increases to 30 mg per day divided into several doses. During this time you should monitor your condition and body reaction. Athletes can start with 30 mg per day and equalise the dosage to 50 mg per day by the end of the week. It is worth noting that women are prescribed a minimum dose of 30 mg, and it should not be exceeded.

Negative qualities.

Due to prolonged use, injuries to joints and ligaments may occur.

Many people during the course have unstable blood pressure.

It is possible violations in the production of own testosterone.

Migraine and sleep disorders in rare cases when increasing the permissible dosage.

Acne due to improper functioning of the sebaceous glands.

Male pattern baldness.

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